Interview with Ernest Hancock

My Dad was interviewed on a radio show hosted by Ernest Hancock.

Hence, below.


Hour 1:

Hour 2:

– (M)


Am I willing?

This video was just beautiful. I cannot explain how much I love this women’s depth of character.

If you aren’t ready to weep till your heart breaks, don’t watch it.

I was deeply convicted that I set too many expectations for my husband-to-be, (if the LORD wills that I get married) and I would take him off my list if he wasn’t as drop-dead gorgeous as I wanted him to be. This woman is above rubies, and I pray I am willing to marry him even if he is disabled.

Besides, if you love him, he will become handsome.

-Moriah R. Hudelson

Worth more than rubies…..

This is a music video Gabriel did the music for……

~ Moriah R. Hudelson

Update: Lemonade and Liberty

The Babylon Effect will not be doing a segment this week, we are currently in progress with a music video entitled ‘Lemonade and Liberty’.

Stay tuned!

~ Mademoiselle Renata