New Building and Bad Memories

Yesterday we moved into the new building. My father is the pastor of  Legacy Baptist and for a while now we have tried to get in a permanent building, instead of going house-to-house. Well, one of the couples in our congregation had a son that was building a charter school, and suggested that we use the gym for free. Praise The LORD! After about three years, we finally have someplace that is permanent (for now).

As soon I as walked into the building, I had that feeling. *insert scary music* That feeling that I get when I walk into big, white-lighted room with a loud AC and smooth floor. It is kind of like walking into The Twilight Zone, on Wonderland. I guess it comes from remembering the bad days of when I was a kid in sunday school, or a brat during church.  I don’t know why, I can’t articulate it well. Maybe it is a flashback my subconscious, or limbo or maybe I live in an alternate universe or maybe I am just crazy, or insane…

These pictures are not where we are meeting on sunday, I just thought they were neat and followed the Alice in Wonderland theme.