Stuff We Did…

So… Me and the kids are home alone. I tried not to torture them.. but… ya know! I couldn’t help it!

🙂 Just kidding.

I took a Photoshoot. And had the best time of my life. TADA!!!!!!! Babysitting isn’t THAT hard!

The kids are great at showing you your character flaws. Good pride breakers too.

PRAISE THE LORD for little siblings!!!


Humpty and the Outdoors

Someone is home.

I just recently finished the infamous Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography book. So I thought it would be wise to follow my dad who thought it a good idea to take pictures to practice what he learned. So I did,  and I hope I continue. These are pictures of things I thought interesting around our house. Though the picture with Humpty Dumpty (no, I didn’t get him at McDonald’s, he was in a box marked ‘free to a good home’ at a garage sale) was by my father. Humpty Dumpty, by the way, is my fathers constant companion and aids his reflection tremendously. Just kidding, he stays in the drawer with the silly-puddy. ~N

Can you believe this is outside the front door?

The Ugliest Animated Character in Film History