Your Dad is Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pig

Guinea pigs. If your Dad looks like one of these, you should still love him.

C. S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis

Ever read C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia? In the first book Uncle Andrew who is a magician tries his experiments on a guinea pig.  I am not here to argue whether or not you should read books with magic in them, I am here to talk about your relationship with your dad.

Have you ever dreamt what you would do for your husband when you get married?  How you would wake up before him and have breakfast all ready for him by the time he gets out of the shower. How you would rub his feet when he comes home from work. How you would always have his clothes washed and ironed for the next day. Why not start now? You have a golden opportunity to get ready for your special someone by practicing on your dad. Hence the guinea pig part. By doing these little things for your dad you will be helping him immensely. You will also be showing your younger siblings what it looks like to honor, love, and serve elders and authority. Besides, if any young, unmarried man sees you doing that, he will probably keep a close inquisitive eye on you.


A statue of Digory Kirke (C. S. Lewis's fictio...

Digory Kirke, main character in The Magicians Nephew by C. S. Lewis