Make me weep…

Another good one from ResoundingMusic.


Because I love you

Here is my weekly PHSC3 picture! I only added a few displacement maps and ripple commands so it was pretty easy. (My excuse for it being easy is that we are VERY busy!) I know….. lousy excuse…….


Gabriel Hudelson, as you all may know, has been releasing weekly pieces of  his music. This week’s piece is called “Because I love you”. Is it romantic? Yes, very much so! I must say, it is very sweeping, romantic, and self-explanatory.

If you are looking for a composer who does his job with excellence, and will make the changes you ask him to make without complaining about it, no longer worry! You have just found him.

To see his blog post about this, go to or, to hear his piece of the week, click here Because I love you.

I hope you enjoy his piece, and if you didn’t listen to it………..well, let’s just say I’ll make sure you do!

(How am I going to do that??) 🙂

~ Renadae for the Girls