Stuff We Did…

So… Me and the kids are home alone. I tried not to torture them.. but… ya know! I couldn’t help it!

🙂 Just kidding.

I took a Photoshoot. And had the best time of my life. TADA!!!!!!! Babysitting isn’t THAT hard!

The kids are great at showing you your character flaws. Good pride breakers too.

PRAISE THE LORD for little siblings!!!


Bat Mitzvah

November 19. That was the day when I was welcomed into womanhood. It has and will stay in my mind, till the day I die. No mortal can erase that memory. (Unless, of course I’m brainwashed, get Alzheimer, etc.).

At every Bat mitzvah (Bat mitzvah for women, Bar mitzvah for men), the young person receives a purity ring. It could have been passed down from generations, and/or have its own story.   We are also given a Bible, a hope chest (for girls)  a sword (for men), and a dagger (for both). You “come of age” when girls turn twelve and men turn thirteen (they say girls mature faster!).

During the ceremony, you recite Proverbs 31 (for girls), and you answer some questions. Was I nervous? Yes. But I have attended a speech class, hosted by our wonderful Mrs. Klotz, and so I came more ready than I would have been.

Having said all that, I am now regarded as a “women.”

So, here starts the life of an adult.

Goodbye childhood.

~ M. Renata Hudelson