Interview with Ernest Hancock

My Dad was interviewed on a radio show hosted by Ernest Hancock.

Hence, below.


Hour 1:

Hour 2:

– (M)


The Teenage Political Maverick

We had the opportunity to put together the little intro at the beginning (‘we’ meaning our effects division) back when this girl only had a few hundred views. After having one of her videos removed from YouTube (and later put back online), being hosted on Fox and Friends, and appearing on Glenn Beck TV, she has received a lot of publicity, and unfortunately a lot of flak. She certainly has gotten her fair share of hate, ranging from name-calling to death threats.

What I find remarkable about Madeleine is her poise, courage and vision. Though I don’t agree with her on everything, it is to be noted that she is not being sucked into the culture. She is active and thinking (which is very unusual for a teenager these days). She says what needs to be said. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in which is convicting for me. Seeing her model vision in the political arena (which I have mostly ignored because it was too stressful) though she is only a year older than me inspires me to get in there too. But it might be in a different way. At first I was all gung-ho about getting up a video bashing somebody in Washington, but it was all because I wanted to get as famous as she. I started to subscribe to all sorts of conservative news emails and looked at the times a little more closely. But my disillusionment vanished quickly. I got scared reading the rather pessimistic newsletters about Obama and his czars, the latest laws and regulations, and the end of the world.

Then dad told us about the hate mail she was getting, and told us to count the cost before trying to do something like this. I had seen the popularity she was getting, but not the disgusting comments and the heart-stop of having her video taken down. Praise The Lord for a father who can see beyond the glittering numbers on her followers bar, and can see all the flak and hate spewing from the comments section.

May The Lord bless her and keep her safe, and continue to show her His word.