Clare Daly Irish Parliament Slams Obama as War Criminal

Well said, well done, and I wish more in America would speak out like you have done!



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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the third annual soundtrack giveaway here at the Ink Slinger blog. I am your host, Caesar Flickerman, and this year our contestants will be fighting to the death for a chance to win one of the best soundtracks of 2012.

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I have never read an of G. K. Chesterton, but I can’t wait until I do. ~N


“We are fond of talking about ‘liberty’; but the way we end up actually talking of it is an attempt to avoid discussing what is ‘good.’ We are fond of talking about ‘progress’; that is a dodge to avoid discussing what is good. We are fond of talking about ‘education’; that is a dodge to avoid discussing what is good.

The modern man says, ‘Let us leave all these arbitrary standards and embrace unadulterated liberty.’ This is, logically rendered, ‘Let us not decide what is good, but let it be considered good not to decide it.’

He says, ‘Away with your old moral standard; I am for progress.’ This, logically stated, means, ‘Let us not settle what is good; but let us settle whether we are getting more of it.’

He says, ‘Neither in religion nor morality, my friend, lie the hopes of the race, but in education.’ This, clearly…

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Postcards – 50% off!

Here is my picture of the week! Sorry i’m so late. 😦

This week we are previewing Golden Type. I don’t remember where I got this pic, but I do know that I put several pictures on top of it, thus creating a different look. The type that said “New York” used to be plain white text. But….after adding a LOT of effects to it, it is now gold. I wish I could sell it as real 24k! 🙂

~ Renadae 4 the girls

Organic – No MSG!

Here are the next weekly Photoshop CS3 Pictures that I made from a tutorial, Which can be found at “Deke’s Techniques”  However, you will need to subscribe!

The one above, I mad from white plain text, adding tons of layer effects, burning it onto the picture, and adding a displacement map. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details!

The next one, I didn’t use a tutorial for. Plain Genius! (Which the LORD has blessed humans with). I can’t really recall what all I did to it, but I do know I put quite a few ripple effects on it. It was also white plane text, and it is wild how it looks like it is under it!
And the last but not least, I made this one, from burning onto earth, and then cutting it out of the picture.

Keep producing, and may the LORD bless the work of our hands!

Soli Deo Gloria,

~ Moriah Renata 4 the Girls

On fire 4 GOD

Are you on fire for GOD?

I don’t know about you, but I know I am!

From here on out, I will be posting weekly (Lord willing) pictures that I have made from Photoshop CS3.

I learned these techniques from Deke Mcellend, who is a instructor on Here is the place I found them at, Deke’s Techniques. You may need to become a member, but I don’t know for sure.

These (2x) pictures, I made from white plain text in CS3. the fire is real, you can also get that at CGTextures. I know for sure that you have to be a member though.

Here is also some other variations you could do, just by changing the color and using smoke instead of fire.

To the KING be ALL the Glory,

~ Moriah Renata 4 the Girls

Genesis FX

Here is what our work during the week produced. Dad made this in Blender, from a tutorial. I also put in the Text and Saturation, and together we made…………this.

By producing work like this, we are expanding the Kingdom of Heaven. By learning After Effects, Blender, Photoshop, etc., we are taking dominion and making disciples for God’s glory (genisis 1:26-28). By producing movies, soundtracks, and pictures, We are hoping to influence the culture for Jesus Christ, as well as gain an income.

Practical Example:

Phone rings. (insert name of company here), wants to know if you (your father) knows anyone that can do (some software job) for them. Why of course! (person’s name) can do that for you! Oh, sir, and while you are on the phone, could i talk to you about your salvation? Sure! (response like this is not guaranteed).

You just got a vitel conversation going. Not only are you producing for the LORD’S kingdom, but you (your father) also witnessed to someone who did not see the light, or know the truth.

What can you do to increase God’s Kingdom (as well as your father’s Kingdom) at home?

Here is a link to our Genisis Effects facebook page, were you can find all of our pix, movies, etc,.

Have a lovely day!

~ Moriah Renata 4 the girls