Humor is good for your health


Humpty and the Outdoors

Someone is home.

I just recently finished the infamous Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography book. So I thought it would be wise to follow my dad who thought it a good idea to take pictures to practice what he learned. So I did,  and I hope I continue. These are pictures of things I thought interesting around our house. Though the picture with Humpty Dumpty (no, I didn’t get him at McDonald’s, he was in a box marked ‘free to a good home’ at a garage sale) was by my father. Humpty Dumpty, by the way, is my fathers constant companion and aids his reflection tremendously. Just kidding, he stays in the drawer with the silly-puddy. ~N

Can you believe this is outside the front door?

The Ugliest Animated Character in Film History

List of Unpleasent and Silly Names

Definitions of mean, cruel English nick-names that I found on Merriam-WebsterOnline. Aren’t they just lovely?

Cockalorum: a boastful and self-important person
Lickspittle: a fawning subordinate
Smellfungus: a fault-finding person
Ninnyhammer: a wimp, sissy, ninny
Milksop: a wimpy man
Pettifogger: a dishonest lawyer
Mooncalf: a naive, foolish person
Dodgy: false or dishonest; causing a lack of trust or confidence
Shirty: angry; irritated
Chuffed: quite pleased; delighted
Peckish: hungry
Stroppy: touchy; belligerent
Dogsbody: one who is obliged to do menial work; a drudge
Shambolic: obviously disorganized or confused
Wonky: awry; wrong
Bollocks: nonsense
Hard Cheese: tough luck (often used interjectionally)
Prat: a stupid or foolish person
Twee: affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint
Knackered: tired, exhausted
Jiggery-pokery: dishonest or suspicious activity; nonsense
Plonk: cheap or inferior wine
Chunter: to talk in a low inarticulate way: mutter
Whinge: to complain fretfully: whine
Boffin: a scientific expert and especially one involved in technological research
Pukka: genuine, authentic; first-class
Gormless:lacking intelligence; stupid

Now I better not hear complains of siblings being tortured with these cruel names. Or I will come and use them on you. Understood?


A Poem of Contradictions

Ladies and jellyspoons, hobos and tramps,
cross-eyed mosquitos and bow-legged ants,
I stand before you to sit behind you
to tell you something I know nothing about.
Next Thursday, which is Good Friday,
there’s a Mother’s Day meeting for fathers only;
wear your best clothes if you haven’t any.
Please come if you can’t; if you can, stay at home.
Admission is free, pay at the door;
pull up a chair and sit on the floor.
It makes no difference where you sit,
the man in the gallery’s sure to spit.
The show is over, but before you go,
let me tell you a story I don’t really know.
One bright day in the middle of the night,
two dead boys got up to fight.
(The blind man went to see fair play;
the mute man went to shout “hooray!”)
Back to back they faced each other,
drew their swords and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise,
and came and killed the two dead boys.
A paralysed donkey passing by
kicked the blind man in the eye;
knocked him through a nine-inch wall,
into a dry ditch and drowned them all.
If you don’t believe this lie is true,
ask the blind man; he saw it too,
through a knothole in a wooden brick wall.
And the man with no legs walked away.

~Mr. Author Unknown

Sweet Moments……

Sometimes I am afraid I will forget something that is precious to me. I feel as if I have all these memories in my life that I wish to remember, but I don’t have enough capacity to remember them all.

And then, an inspiration comes to me that I should write of them in my diary. Then again when I begin to do as such, the idea has fled from me. And I am left with a world full of sweet memories to remember.

So, everyday I am making even more memories, then the day before last (am I making any sense?).

But thankfully all those sweet memories, I can look back say “Those were the good times.”

And indeed, these are the Good times.

~ M. Renata Hudelson

The depths of patience

“Son: (To a friend) As soon as our parents teach us to walk and talk, they tell us to sit down and shut up.” – Unknown Author

I need to work on this too….. Our patience should be as long as Earth is to the Sun, and as deep as the Atlantic ocean.

Lately, I have been very short – tempered with my best friends in life. To those wonderful companions, who guide me and sharpen my sword, I have returned nothing but selfishness and anger.

Our mothers are a wonderful source of patience and love (Psalm 86:15; Proverbs 15:18;), surely their patience is as long as the Earth is to the Sun, and as deep as the Atlantic Ocean itself. They give freely, not with holding one mere part of it. Let us strive to be a source of patiences and comfort to our siblings! Too many times have I turned to them my fiery eyes.

Fathers, as well are wonderful sources of wisdom and love. My father is very theological, and I know that he is ALWAYS open to hearing and answering my questions.

I know this doesn’t relate, but seeing that iceberg picture to the left, just makes me think of how deceptive appearances on the surface can be!  And as much as I love the ocean, that Iceberg is not just a bit intimidating……

~ Ms. Renata Hudelson

BTW, pop quiz! Does anyone know how deep the Atlantic Ocean is?

Lavender Laughs

Ever felt like not laughing? Grumpy? Bad hair day? Or, just plain unwillingness to use the facial muscles? I understand. Completely.

I have had the days were you wake up, and you are just soooo not ready to serve the LORD and your dearest siblings (Psalm 27:6; Proverbs 15:13; Isaiah 35:10; Psalm 97:11-12 ).

But, we must press through ALL things, and be filled with gladness.

Laughing is like jogging on the inside. Being happy and spirit filled affects those around you. It’s like leprosy, very contagious.

So, why don’t we make it our goal to encourage each other in happiness. “Smiles all around? Let’s get going!” – Mr. “put a pen in it” ~Bolt.

Much love and fervent prayer,

~ Moriah Renata