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Romantically Awkward

Soooo…. I would be insane if I didn’t post this. Awesome movie, great acting and wonderful filmography.

The gentleman who did the music can be found here.

And the people who did this movie and more like it can be found here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this romantically awkward comedy.

– M

The Adventures of Tintin

A great review by Aubrey Hansen

Film Reviews by People

“A man’s been shot on our doorstep!” “Again?”

What boy could resist a gorgeous model of a triple-masted, double-deck sailing ship? Tintin can’t – especially when someone runs up to him and warns him that by buying the ship he’s asking for a lot of trouble. Trouble indeed – within twenty-four hours Tintin has had his flat ransacked, witnessed a drive-by shooting, and been kidnapped. Well, when you’re adrift in the middle of the ocean on a ship with a revengeful gentleman who’s happy to dispose of you, you can’t really turn back and go home. So Tintin sets off with his faithful dog and a drunken sailor to escape and uncover a mystery involving pirates, sunken treasure, and a centuries-old plot for revenge.

And so begins The Adventures of Tintin, a wild tale of nonstop action, adventure, and mystery. An instant favorite, Tintin is a great adventure to…

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