The Springs Inferno

How many of you, have heard about the Colorado Springs fire?

It is very sobering. To think of how many people have lost their homes, possibly loved ones, and their property.

I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am.

Please remember those fallen in the service of fighting the fire, and those who are yet destined to fall.

– M



2 thoughts on “The Springs Inferno

  1. Oh no, that’s so sad. I’m praying! Here in Australia bush fires are a very common thing. I live in the ‘land down under’ otherwise known as Tasmania. Here bushfire’s still do occur, but much less frequently. When I used to live on the Australian Mainland in the capital city, Canberra, there was a bad bushfire near where we lived. Before it started we moved to NSW, to a little town about an hour out of Canberra, and we heard a few weeks later that the fire had come up to our old backyard. I often thank God that we were not there when it happened, it would have been very traumatic, especially as me and my 2 other sisters were only about 7, 5, and 3.
    But yes, I’m praying. Wonderful post too.

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