Book Review: The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place. Psalm 32:7. The LORD is our hiding place, and he does shield us from danger. Very recently, I perused the pages of a wonderful book. The characters put me to shame as they thank the LORD for lice, concentration camps, flies, pain and all other sufferings the human mind can imagine.

The Characters

Cornelia (Connie) : Connie is the main character in the book. She is faithful, devoted, and very practical.

Elizabeth (Betsie) : Betsie is the angel. She reminds Connie to give thanks to the LORD, for humiliation, disgrace, pain and even the very people who wrought all this wrong upon them.

Betsie and Connie are the two main character’s in the book. They are sister’s, and they are very inspiring influential people.

The Crux 

Connie and Betsie are in Holland, and helping hide Jews from the Nazis. Eventually they are captured, and put into concentration camps. In the Concentration Camp,


Betsie dies. As Corrie deals with this, she is released on exactly New Years Day.

(Betsie had foretold that they would be released that year)

It turns out however, that this was by mistake. Another providence of GOD was that Corrie had smuggled in a bible. When all the prisoners were being patted down, she wasn’t touched. When there was lice in their barracks, Corrie complained. But Betsie  thanked GOD for their hardships. Come to find out that the Overseers wouldn’t enter the room, because of the lice, so Betsie could hold bible studies.

It is a very sad story about faith, love and grace, and if you don’t feel like crying, don’t read it.

Reading it gives oneself a deeper view of the human sufferings, and meanwhile the healing faith and love that can be found in our Hiding place and refuge, Jesus Christ.

~ Mademoiselle Renata


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