It’s (not that) Complicated ~ Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin

We have bought this book, and it is a must read for any young woman looking for advice concerning boy/girl relationships.

I have also recently listened to “What our father taught us about boys” by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin. Very good! I have learned a lot from it.

By a friend’s request, here are some things I took away from it:

~ Do not talk about anything personal, about himself or yourself, always keep it family centered.

(That came as a surprise to me, because I used to ask get – 2- know – you questions such as: *Would you bungee jump? Do you like coffee? etc.)

~ If you think of him as someone else’s husband, or your husband is right there watching you, than It will be easier for you to treat him more christ – like and sisterly.

~ If he open’s the door for you, smiles at you, or let’s you go first at the food line, don’t think of it as if he is romantically inclined towards you, or he is going to propose to you tomorrow! It is more than likely a brotherly gesture.

So that is what I have learned, and I hope it benefits everyone reading this post.

*I would bungee jump.

~ M. Renata Hudelson


6 thoughts on “It’s (not that) Complicated ~ Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin

  1. Maybe I can borrow it from you some time. 😀 I would love to read it, though associating with boys is pretty minor since I only know, like, four. But it would still be a great read! I’m glad you got it! Maybe you can share in future posts different things that the Lord points out to you!

    Love and Hugs, Jamie

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