The depths of patience

“Son: (To a friend) As soon as our parents teach us to walk and talk, they tell us to sit down and shut up.” – Unknown Author

I need to work on this too….. Our patience should be as long as Earth is to the Sun, and as deep as the Atlantic ocean.

Lately, I have been very short – tempered with my best friends in life. To those wonderful companions, who guide me and sharpen my sword, I have returned nothing but selfishness and anger.

Our mothers are a wonderful source of patience and love (Psalm 86:15; Proverbs 15:18;), surely their patience is as long as the Earth is to the Sun, and as deep as the Atlantic Ocean itself. They give freely, not with holding one mere part of it. Let us strive to be a source of patiences and comfort to our siblings! Too many times have I turned to them my fiery eyes.

Fathers, as well are wonderful sources of wisdom and love. My father is very theological, and I know that he is ALWAYS open to hearing and answering my questions.

I know this doesn’t relate, but seeing that iceberg picture to the left, just makes me think of how deceptive appearances on the surface can be!  And as much as I love the ocean, that Iceberg is not just a bit intimidating……

~ Ms. Renata Hudelson

BTW, pop quiz! Does anyone know how deep the Atlantic Ocean is?


3 thoughts on “The depths of patience

    • Maybe…. I guess I was kinda looking at your post from the prospective of the child. 🙂 It’s just that I can appreciate your parents patience to you because in some ways I don’t feel like I get that from mine.
      (Sorry I didn’t answer at first, I didn’t see your response.)

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