Organic – No MSG!

Here are the next weekly Photoshop CS3 Pictures that I made from a tutorial, Which can be found at “Deke’s Techniques”  However, you will need to subscribe!

The one above, I mad from white plain text, adding tons of layer effects, burning it onto the picture, and adding a displacement map. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details!

The next one, I didn’t use a tutorial for. Plain Genius! (Which the LORD has blessed humans with). I can’t really recall what all I did to it, but I do know I put quite a few ripple effects on it. It was also white plane text, and it is wild how it looks like it is under it!
And the last but not least, I made this one, from burning onto earth, and then cutting it out of the picture.

Keep producing, and may the LORD bless the work of our hands!

Soli Deo Gloria,

~ Moriah Renata 4 the Girls


6 thoughts on “Organic – No MSG!

  1. I like the first one and last one best! You are going to HAVE to bore me with the rest of the details when I get back! SO COOL. Good job!
    -Love, Kayla

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