We march as Brothers

Gabriel has recently been writing scores for clients, and he has just let this out.

This composition is a chilling, edge of your seat, thrilling adventure, that you will never regret having listened to!!

He is a wonderful big brother, composer, future husband, future father, warrior for GOD, and so many other characteristics I cannot name them all!!!

Be the first to check out “We March As Brothers” by Gabriel Hudelson!

To the KING be ALL the Glory,

~ Moriah Renata 4 the Girls


12 thoughts on “We march as Brothers

  1. 🙂

    You mean of yourself, or micah?

    Your welcome! And yes, if sometime you would show me how to embed, I would love you forever! (not that i wouldn’t otherwise, but you get what i mean!) 🙂

    Love you, xoxo


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