Genesis FX

Here is what our work during the week produced. Dad made this in Blender, from a tutorial. I also put in the Text and Saturation, and together we made…………this.

By producing work like this, we are expanding the Kingdom of Heaven. By learning After Effects, Blender, Photoshop, etc., we are taking dominion and making disciples for God’s glory (genisis 1:26-28). By producing movies, soundtracks, and pictures, We are hoping to influence the culture for Jesus Christ, as well as gain an income.

Practical Example:

Phone rings. (insert name of company here), wants to know if you (your father) knows anyone that can do (some software job) for them. Why of course! (person’s name) can do that for you! Oh, sir, and while you are on the phone, could i talk to you about your salvation? Sure! (response like this is not guaranteed).

You just got a vitel conversation going. Not only are you producing for the LORD’S kingdom, but you (your father) also witnessed to someone who did not see the light, or know the truth.

What can you do to increase God’s Kingdom (as well as your father’s Kingdom) at home?

Here is a link to our Genisis Effects facebook page, were you can find all of our pix, movies, etc,.

Have a lovely day!

~ Moriah Renata 4 the girls


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