I just don’t have room for all this…stuff!

  We had a Women’s meeting on friday night,while the men had their meeting. This time we did Crocheting. Homemaking 101, Organizing, Soap-making, Bow-making, and all those other lovely things, are usually the topics of our meetings. Well, here is a sample, that we made.

It’s as easy as saying 1-2-3! Here’s a quick “how to do it.” Add more stiches each round at the base, then four rounds of double – crochet, crochet the handle, and then put a cute pastel or hot red bow, and voila! You are finished!

No more “I just don’t have room for all this…stuff!”

Not only that, but you are furthering the Lord’s kingdom, through helping your earthly father by taking dominion and making disciples. How do you make disciples by crocheting baskets, you say? Well, first, you are bringing in income to your father by selling the baskets, I you want to. Second, you make disciples by showing them (the people that buy the baskets) what Godly young ladies do, and that they do what they do with excellence. Why should we work with excellence? Because we are Christians. And being a christian means you are representing a Holy God. And representing a Holy God, means you should act like you represent a excellent God. Therefore, you must do what you do with excellence.

So happy Crocheting days! 🙂

~ Moriah Renata for the Hudelson Ladies


6 thoughts on “I just don’t have room for all this…stuff!

  1. They are very simple Rebekah. I was wanting the girls to write down the pattern. If they do, we can give it to you! I love them too. You all did a great job. I think they will be great gifts with neat things put in them, while using up all that yarn we have sitting around ;)!
    mom (Mrs H)

  2. Some of those baskets look familiar! lol! I enjoyed making those baskets too!
    It is so nice to have a place to put….stuff! Good post!

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