The Arrival of Prince Courage

April 17th beckoned the arrival of a new warrior to the Lord’s kingdom.  Malachi James Hudelson was 21 inches, and 9 oz. He was as adorable a young warrior can be, and lord willing his character will be much more so. Well, we have few stories as of yet, about our noble adventures with this young lad. But…below are some Photos we took of Prince Courage, and Lord willing more to come. 🙂 Mostly all our darling Prince-to-be does, is eat, sleep, and laugh. 🙂 Yes! He laughed or rather smiled at our younger sister sophia. He holds fingers and toys as well!

We recognize that us girls as big sisters, will be training him into the man the Lord has destined for him to be in all that we do, say, and how we treat him. So by God’s grace we will be able to fulfill that very important roll in his life.

~ Moriah Renata for the Hudelson Girls


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